Dive Maldives

Dive in Maldives

Famed for its “Underwater Gardens”, the Maldives have such amazing diversity of sea life with its extensive collection of vibrant corals and fishes.

Dive Sites in Maldives

Ari Atoll

The next atoll most open to tourist, Ari; provide the full range of underwater adventure. There are dive sites scattered all around Ari Atoll and many divers consider the sites to be the finest in the Maldives.
You will encounter manta rays, sharks and other pelagic fish and even mighty whale sharks around Ari Atoll. The most consistent sites for this popular passing trade are located here although there are also spots elsewhere for sharks and mantas. More than 20 islands are designated as tourist resort here in Ari Atoll. Each island is autonomous and fully equipped with accommodation and recreational facilities like tennis courts and pools that you may play or have fun for while getting a good place to stay in and bars for night entertainment.

Top tourist activity here in Ari Atoll is scuba diving and a best place to visit if you love to scuba dive. Diving in the Maldives means seeing dense populations of fish, caverns festooned with colour, exploring caves, diving over pristine coral landscapes and investigating wrecks teeming with marine life. Maldives is a much admired destination for honeymooners, diving is not ideally suited for a beginner since many of the world class dives tend to drift dives.

Diving season – Ari Atoll

Diving in Ari Atoll is better for certain marine encounters. Mantas are common between the month of February and April, but most of it can be seen all through the dry season of December to April as well in the Month of February to April and August to November are the perfect month to see whale sharks and hammerheads. Other sharks are present throughout the year.

The recommended months for complete liveaboard departures are from the month of November to May, when the seas are at their calmest. If you prefer to come outside of these months, it may be difficult to find a best departure date that suits you.

How to dive – Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll is the second largest atoll in Maldives, being more than 40 kilometers long, liveaboard is the only way to see more than just a few superb dive sites. Big marine life are scattered around the atoll with 105 small islands. Many great dive spots and beautiful surroundings that visitors will enjoy.

Maldives liveaboards becomes well in advance fully booked, so they recommend that you plan to book your trip at least six months previous to your proposed dates of travel.

Asdu Sun Island

A best place to relax and unwind, Asdu is a tiny paradise in the Maldives, surrounded by a white sand and crystal clear water with colourful reefs maintained and protected by its own management.
Asdu is a simple resort with good ambiance. The island provides excellent food and services and offers an affordable price with good quality service. Swim with different kind of fishes and fall in love with its beautiful spot and experience the fun and pleasure of Asdu Sun Island

Accommodation and Facilities

Asdu Sun Island has lagoon villas, beach villas or beach bungalows that are equipped with modern facilities like comfortable beds, air conditions, mini bars, satellite TVs, CD and DVD players, IDD telephones, tea coffee makers, wide bathrooms and a private deck, hot and cold desalinated water and clean wash basin. The island allows additional amenities like outdoor showers, laundry services, boutique shops, lockers.

Activities – Asdu Sun Island Maldives

Enjoy the water sports activities in Asdu Island like, water skiing, canoeing, deep sea fishing, wind surfing, diving, banana boat riding and snorkeling. There is also another great option activities including Beach volleyball, basketball and beach badminton. The island is an ideal place for everyone for spending holiday vacation.

Getting there

The Island is connected to Male International Airport. Sun Island Maldives is easily accessed by speedboats and seaplanes from Male, the capital city of Maldives. The trip takes more than 1 hour to cover the 32 km distance. However, the island is located in a convenient spot in South Ari Atoll, so night transfers to the Sun Island are also available.

Coco Palm Resort

Maldives has always been a choice for a lot of tourists. Dhuni Kolhu is a private island within the atoll of Baa, where Coco Palm Resort and Spa is located. It is described as one of the most scenic and breathtaking places to witness right in front from the villas’ private terraces. It is showered by nature’s greenery, abundant with heaven’s white sand and embraced by the crystal blue ocean. This place is perfect for outstanding luxurious tropical getaway experience.

This island resort hotel is a wonderful place for lovers and for the whole family. It has many things and stuffs to offer that will occupy you all the time. They have a tennis court, fitness center, coco spa, Jacuzzi, fishing sites, water sports and diving sites.

You may choose to stay between 98 luxury accommodating rooms and also villas or prefer to stay at one of their 2 private suites, on top of the lagoon and one close to the beach. Rooms are fully furnished with wood and cotton furniture, perfect for the tropical style experience. Various villas have a sunken bath, a swimming pool, or private terraces accordingly to your booking and rates.

For dining experience, the island resort got uniquely amazing open pavilions for buffet and you may even try to arrange a personal in-villa dining experience.

Coco Palm Resort is only 124 kilometer away from Male International Airport or you can ride a sea plane for 30 minutes quaint flight.

Room types offered:

Beach villas – situated right on the beach. It has an open air bathroom, high-pitched structured ceiling, very spacious bedroom and a king-sized bed. It was also build with a private terrace, great for night time view.
Deluxe villas – located in the foliage of Coco Palm. It has a sunken bath, a fresh water pool on the outdoor terrace, spacious bedroom with four-poster bed hang-covered by a mosquito net to heighten the romantic style of the bedroom.
Lagoon villas – situated on the lagoon. This luxurious room offers a total pleasure for privacy and individuality. Complimented with a Jacuzzi bathroom, a splash pool at the sundeck, spacious bedroom with four-poster beds and elegant furniture.
Sunset lagoon villas – the most prolific place for exclusivity where no one can ever disturb your stay. It has the utmost view in front of the ocean with its open air bathroom and splash pool at the sundeck. You can also experience a spa treatment on request. A personal butler is on hand to serve you on all your needs.


• Restaurant
• Bar
• Safe deposit box
• Air conditioning
• Snack bar
• Beach private area
• Tennis court
• Jacuzzi
• Fitness centre
• Coco spa
• Diving
• Gift shop
• Laundry
• Free wireless internet hotspots on public areas

This island resort also accepts all major credit cards. They also offer packages and rates right for your budget. Your spent won’t be worthless in this perfect lagoon place. Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, best choice for your luxurious tropical style.

Embudhoo Express, South Male’ atoll

Embudhoo Express is situated about the south part from the Channel, getting into South Male’ Atoll in front of Island of Emboodhoo. It is actually among the most fascinating channel diving spot, while you are traversing the channel that has an ingoing current there may be 100% grantee that you will come across grey reef sharks as well as white tip sharks. Barracuda and big eye travelly are incredibly common along with the hunting tunas.

The place is suitable for advanced scuba divers that have good drift diving skills; the concept of the dive would be to begin the dive around the offshore near the corner to the Channel. As drifting along with the current to the corner, divers need to keep a way away out of the corner and move off to the side of the drop off; the concept would be to maintain the drop off being a guide and also drift along with the current and also to get across the channel to the Thila. As soon as at the Thila, you could possibly keep your right hand shoulder towards the Thila and drift in. the Thila alone is loaded with lots of marine life in there which includes Giant sea fans underneath the overhangs along with a lot of butterfly fish as well as oriental sweet lips.

This dive spot can be simply done with a tiny ingoing current however the pelagic after all won’t be as present as even though a good ingoing current. To view the sharks, you should at least require a moderate ingoing current making the spot an adrenaline rush then desire to the come back to dive here all over again.

Best Time to Dive

Having a strong ingoing current, Embudhoo Express can be the mother of all drift diving spots. This channel is 2 kilometer long with its best when the stream flows into the atoll wherein the north-eastern monsoon occurs. This brings in crystal clear water towards the atoll and an even big fish which includes white tip sharks, gray reef, jacks, eagle rays and tuna patrol the side with the channel. With most suitable current conditions you must be ready to get across the channel from a single end towards the other before finishing the diving experience.
The best time to dive here at Embudhoo Express is basically all year round but it is recommended to dive during wet season that falls between June and November.

Getting There and Around

Embudhoo Express is reachable by way of traditional dhoni and travel times vary from five through fifty minutes, depending on the coral reef spot as well as departure rental accommodation from the Male Airport of Maldives.

Kanuhura, Lhaviyani Atoll

Nature trip was always been fun for the family, friends and lovers. Lhaviyani atoll is a private island in Maldives where Kanuhura Resort is located. Kanuhura was claimed as best place for spa treatment. It has swiftly gained its character by its exquisite and elegant features. It is a top notch resort where most tourists spend to stay. Luxurious rooms and villas, perfect for a tropical style experience.

If you’re looking for a place to stay with lots of fun and excitements, Kanuhura Resort offers you stuffs that are never ending. It’s a spot for water sports adventure, drift diving, spa, beach volley ball, night club and they even have a library.

About diving spots, at the south of Kanuhura, is a place for diving lovers. It’s a crystal clear view, lots of fishes and reefs. It has average underwater visibility, ideal dive view up to 20 meters deep. You most likely encounter various kinds of fishes, coral reefs and some underwater species. The diving enjoyment will never stop once you’ve tried this at Kanuhura Resort.

Kanuhura Resort is a five star resort hotel which is approximately 140 km from Male or you can ride a sea plane for about 40 minutes from the Male International airport.

Featuring its two stunning small island next door neighbors, Kanuhura Resort is definitely a secluded hideaway which has a great deal of bars, restaurants, activities, sports and relaxation. In close proximity, are a few of the best diving destinations in the world, together with the outer reef dropping down just about 2000 meters. It comes with a spa as well as an aerobics center and gym.

The island resort hotel boasts 100 accommodating villas or suites that offer scenic views of the island and the ocean waters. The endeavor of Kanuhura Resort is to bring the nature close to every tourist and visitors.

Room Types Offered:

Beach villas – situated along the beach. It has a private terrace, sunken open air bathroom, thatched ceiling, king size bed and spacious bedroom, set with elegant furniture from woods and cotton.
Duplex villas – great for friends and families. Rooms are connected with doors to maintain room privacy and also include single outdoor door for each room, it has also separate deck verandas and suite bathroom.
Water villa – suited room for couples for intimate privacy. It has a stilts right to the lagoon. It has large front deck, perfect for bath and sun exposure, structured perfectly for romantic night time view. It has king size bed, spacious room with luxurious amenities and furniture.
Grand water villa – build right at the lagoon. It is the utmost villa that Kanuhura can offer you. Lavish villa structure with spacious bedroom, separated living room and a large deck. It also offers you a home theatre sound stereo system.


• Restaurants
• Bars
• Kids club
• Swimming pool
• Lounge
• Night club
• Library
• Water sports
• Diving
• Banana boats
• Spa
• Fitness centre
• Catamarans
• Library
• Games room

Kanuhura Resort at Maldives is the spa point and perfect place for diving adventure, complimented with lavish and stylish villas and rooms. Kanuhura Resort accepts all major credit cards for your easy access.

The spectacular environment with this exquisite island is stunning and offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for a world of laid-back splendor, quite totally free of itineraries, schedules, and cares. The Maldives and its island resorts is truly a spectacular paradise, in simple terms “One & Only Heaven on Earth”.

Kuda Kandu, Addu Atoll

Kuda Kandu is just one of the most fascinating dive destinations within Addu Atoll. This atoll is somewhere between 478 kilometer south of Male, the capital town of Maldives. Addu atoll is the most southern atoll in the Maldives and it is the second most populous town after Male. The atoll capital of Addu Atoll is Hithadhoo. Having a total count of 23 islets, and Addu has only 6 lived on islets. Addu Atoll has outstanding aqua green lagoons, fantastic coral reefs, bountiful aquatic life as well as palm surrounded sun-kissed beach streets. While pursuing your fantasy to stay in paradise and discovering breathing life under the deep blue sea, check out the Addu Atoll and dive in Kuda Kandu.

The Kuda Kandu Dive

Kuda Kandu is a tiny channel that has two tiny thilas stretching within. Having a tiny inward current, the channel is crossable along the edge about meters. Kuda Kandu is a dive site that starts from a reef top that stretches at the depth of approximately 5 meters and is engrossed in a lot of sea fans and a few enormous foliaceous corals sheltering a variety of reel life. The most common offenders are present here just like Napoleon wrasse, grouper, and clown fish, triggerfish, however at this point they are simply in the midst of nudibranches coming from all color, shapes and size! While you move over the perimeter of the plateau as well as on top of the reef edge, you will discover some overhangs and caves at depths of somewhere between 16 meters to 20 meters that happen to be swarming with life. As you explore the edges of the reefs, it should be great if you can be alert within the wide open ocean as the diver will most likely experience a wide variety of whitetip reef sharks or eagle rays that soundlessly passing by, accompanied by the schools of barracuda.

The Best Time to Dive Kuda Kandu

Generally, all year long is the best time to dive Kuda Kandu. 29 degree Celsius is the typical water temperature in this area. Each sason has some advantages. As the months of February through April are well known with regards to distinct visibility, other months are preferred simply because of the larg quantities of plankton within the water – which improves the possibility of coming across sea giants such as mantas as well as whale sharks.

Heavy monsoon rainfalls are relatively seldom; a timely variation of weather conditions on the other hand, is normally Maldivian. A short little shower will surely not restrain you from scuba diving, aside from swimming or snorkeling. Specifically, if this is regarded as accompanied by vivid equatorial sunbeams, which can be typically the scenario

Getting There and Around

Kadu Kandu is very accessible. Go by means of an airplane to the Maldives and after that take a boat to the island or take the conventional dhoni rather.

Lions Head

School of Grey Reef Sharks and one of the oldest shark point in Maldives. Soft coral formations and heap of colourful reef life can be found here, an opportunity to find true beauty of peculiar aquatic species and attractive coral gardens.

Lion’s Head has strong water current and one of the well known protected marine areas placed to the south end of North Male Atoll in Vadhoo Kandu. The beetle looks as if it is a Lion’s head, facilitated with three meters long reef top, overhangs and caves. Get prepare to see and meet the variety of big and small oceanic species like rainbow fusiliers, sharks, tunas, red tooth triggers, turtles, wrasses and napoleon while diving around the deep blue water at Lion’s Head. It is the best way for the holidaymakers to capture thrilling experience in the deep blue sea photography adventure.

Dive Sites Info

Lions Head has a diving depth of 19 m / 62.3 ft; however the average visibility is around 10 to 20 meters. Diving around Lions Head is suitable for all divers. Best time to dive here is when the wind comes from the north preventing a large bloat.

Getting there

All visitors arrive at male International Airport, served by a wide array of flights to India, Dubai, Sri Lanka and major airport in South East Asia, with late night timings, Singapore Airline flies daily direst from Singapore to Male.

Meeru Island Resort

Have you been looking for a true paradise? Well, look no further as Meeru Island Resort, North Male Atoll is here to fulfill your needs and will redefine the true meaning of paradise

It is easy to claim for an island resort to consider is a paradise. But when you visit and stay in their resort, you will end up frustrated and disappointed. Meeru Island Resort is not a typical resort that claims they are the paradise you are looking for; instead, they will make you feel that you are in their paradise. The resort is surrounded with a magnificent lagoon and blessed with a long stretched of pearly white sand beach. Meeru Island Resort is the only resort you can found on the island of Meerufenfushi. From Male International Airport, the island resort can be reached by a speedboat transfer for 55 minutes. The travel may sound long but honestly, that is too short because of the beautiful scene you will see throughout the transfer.

Meeru Island Resort’s Accommodation

You can enjoy the ultimate Meeru Island Resort accommodation in any of their 286 rooms available. It is divided into 6 different categories to suit your different needs. You can choose from eighty three Jacuzzi Beach Villas, seventy seven Beach Villas, seventy-seven Jacuzzi Water Villas, twenty seven Water Villas, twenty Garden Rooms and two

Honeymoon Suites.

Garden Rooms – this 50 square meter room is conveniently located near the Dhoni Bar pool. This room comes with a beautiful sundeck made from wood with private screen between rooms. It also has a comfortably shaded area beneath the coconut palms with a scenic view of the lovely garden.
Beach Villas – located exactly on the white sandy beach with crystal clear water, this 50 square meter individual wooden bungalow is offering a magnificent view of its great lagoon. Each and every of these 77 beach villa features a semi open-air bathroom.
Jacuzzi Beach Villas – this 80 square meter villa features a Jacuzzi good for 2. You can soak yourselves into this outdoor Jacuzzi. This villa also features a shade pavilion, a sundeck made of wood with lounges, a four poster bed, a mini tropical garden and a CD player.
Water Villas – located on the beach at the edge of the water, this 60 square meter features an upgraded bedroom including a four poster bed, a private walled-in Jacuzzi “under the stars”, a bathroom with double sinks, wooden sundeck, shade umbrella, chaise lounge, tropical plants, spectacular view of the lagoon and a private sundeck with stairs going to the sea.
Jacuzzi Water Villas – this 85 square meter over-the-water villa is just seconds away to your private jet to your secluded hideaway which features a large bedroom, a spacious bathrooms with double sinks, Jacuzzi for 2, a comfortable sitting area with DVD player, a few stairs to the sea and a sundeck.
Honeymoon Suites – only a few minutes “dhoni” ride from the pearly white sandy shore, this 90 square meter over-the-water, in the lagoon suite features a luxuriously appointed facilities like Jacuzzi Water Villa with the additional living room and dining room, private “lagoon” pool, spacious bathroom with bath and bidet, kitchenette full of stocks for breakfast and a full room service for dining on your private sundeck or terrace.

You will enjoy Meeru Island Resort the most even if you are a sporty type of person because the resort also has sports facilities which includes two lighted tennis courts, 9 Hole Pitch & Putt Golf Course, Golf Driving Range, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Billiards, Foosball Table, Snooker, Bicycles, Football grounds, and Petanque. They also have fishing excursion with scheduled trips. You will get fit with all these activities because they also offer fitness center with modern equipments.

All Inclusive Plans are also available in Meeru Island Resort for different guest’s needs. So come to Paradise, come to Meeru Island Resort.

Palm Beach Resort

Most of us would want to have a dream vacation, a vacation that we will always cherish for the longest time. Indeed, dream vacation is very hard to find. But with Palm Beach Resort that can be found in Lhaviyani Atoll we can always have our dream vacation in every stay.

Palm Beach Resort is hailed as one of the most beautiful island resorts in the whole of Maldives. Being dubbed as such, it is always the thrust of the resort to keep it as is and meet the expectation of each and every visitor of the resort all year round. Lhaviyani Atoll Island is surrounded with a three-mile incredibly white sand beach and a superb lagoon to match with a wonderful “creation” of coral reefs. Palm Beach Resort has all the modern facilities that you might need while in the island including health and recreation, water sports facilities and of course a 5-star PADI world class diving center.

Palm Beach Resort and Spa is one of the largest resort islands in Maldives with 2km long and 400 meters wide. The resort is not hard to reach at all. It is located in Lhaviyani Atoll which can be reached by a seaplane transfer for forty minutes through Nord, Madhiriguradhoo – the name of the island where Palm Beach Resort and Spa is lodged. The resort is most preferred by the experts because of the enchantments they feel when they see this wonderful creation built by nature over millions of years.

Palm Beach Resort and Spa Accommodation

There are a total of 128 guest rooms that can give you comfortable stay each time which is divided into 5 unique categories to better suit the guest’s needs. Each room is provided with Balinese inspired furniture. At the terrace of the bungalow style cottage offers a Maldivian swing to enjoy the beach front view of the resort. The unique categories are:

• Junior suites sunrise side & sunset side – this bungalow with a 60 meter square area includes a bedroom, a dressing area and an open air bathroom.
• Villas – each villa has 80 meter square area which sets over two floors and are nearest to the main complex. This includes a living room, an open air bathroom and an upper floor bedroom and with balcony.
• Suites – this 100 meter square area beach bungalow includes a bedroom, sitting room, dressing room, open air bathroom and a private patio
• Presidential Suites – this 300 meter square area beach bungalow will definitely make you a King. This room includes 2 bedrooms, 2 sitting rooms, 2 dressing rooms, 2 open air bathrooms, 1 central living room with dining room and connecting doors and a private patio.

Facilities and Amenities of the Resort

• Air conditioning
• Mini-Bar
• tea/coffee
• Satellite TV with in-house movie service
• Ceiling Fan
• Telephone IDD
• Hot/cold desalinated water
• Hair dryer
• bathtub (Jacuzzi for the villas and suites)
• bath, hand, and beach towel
• outdoor shower
• bidet
• jewelry shop
• souvenir shops
• boutique
• internet point
• CD/DVD player
• baby sitting service (to request at the reservation time)
• doctor (living on the island) free of charge
• CD/DVD player
• candles
• plug English type
• umbrella
• adapter

The Resort has a wide range of water and in land sports facilities including snorkeling, island excursion, canoe, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, pool, tennis court, football ground, table tennis, beach volley, gymnasium, squash, bicycles, and billiards which are free of charge. Some facilities are available but for a fee including scuba diving and scuba diving courses, trolling fishing, deep sea fishing, big game, dhoni rent, banana boat, water ski, wakeboarding, Jet Ski and massage center. The resort also has golf facilities.

Rasdhoo Atoll

Rasdhoo Atoll is a small circular atoll in Maldives where you can find the best and the top dive sites. It is highly rated by professional divers who had experienced diving in most of the dive spots around the island. This coral isle features an overwhelming scuba dive where you can see large groups of hammerheads. The sites are very rich in marine life including sting rays, moral eels and many more.

During the World War II, there are lots of ships that sunk. There are two of the sunken ships among the dive spots here in Rasdhoo Atoll. These shipwrecks have become popular for wreck divers and underwater photographers as well.

The weather here is tropical with pleasant temperatures all over the year. The main weather conditions are the dry and the wet seasons. Wet season or the rainy season occurs between the end of April and October. The best time to visit Rasdhoo Atoll is during the dry season (from the months of October to March) when the weather is perfect for diving, swimming and all beach related activities.

Rasdhoo Atoll is 58 km away from the Maldives. All dive spots here can be reached within more or less one hour by a boat.

The language here is Dhivehi or the Maldivian language but speaking English is also common especially for travelers and hosts.

Rasdhoo Madivaru

Rasdhoo Madivaru is one of the most sought after dive sites in Maldives. It is a site that is highly recommended by divers for those who would like to experience such a thrilling and exciting scuba dive that could probably be their best dive ever.

Its spectacular features such as the confusing reef formations that are found in Ari Atoll, the thrilling scuba dive as well as its astonishing marine life made the divers love the site. What makes the dive here thrilling is that it has the highest underwater visibility and seeing the hammerheads will give you both goose bumps and amusement.

While you are hovering over the reefs, you can find a school of hammerheads circling over you, blocking out the sunlight over your shoulders. Large groups of Hammerhead sharks usually come before sunrise. During the early hours, there you can witness schools of black snapper, dogtooth tunas and the entertaining dolphins. You will also get the chance to swim with wonderful groups of fish like the barracudas, fish leave tunas, napoleon wrasse, ribbon eels, small tunas, jacks, trevallys, pelagic creatures and the white tip reef shark as well.

Average Depth: 9m
Maximum Depth: 40m
Average Visibility: 15-30m

Shipyard, Lhaviyani Atoll

Shipyard is an incomparable diving spot that has two wreckages on a single diving site. The Skipjack 1 and 2 appear to have been stretching out within this sift ever since the early 80’s and they are nowadays emblazoned with brilliantly colored soft and hard coral reefs.

Tinny blennies nesting throughout the ends of shattered pipes, damsels, butterfly fish, emperor angelfish and anthias are normally found all over the wreckages. A large number of glassfish as well as few well-camouflaged scorpion fish can certainly be spotted. You will sometimes find stingrays having a good sleep beneath the wreckage. Make sure you check out and enjoy the spectacular silhouette of a winch arm together with the sun rays surging beneath it.

Introducing Amazing Lhaviyani Atoll

Lhaviyani Atoll is situated in sunlight drenched in the Northern Atolls of the Maldives. It is populated with 10,000 residents only disperse around five various inhabited isles, together with approximately five holiday vacation rental accommodations. Lhaviyani Atoll is known as a mixture of the conventional Maldivian lifestyle and high-class holiday vacation rental accommodations. Lhaviyani Atoll boast the spectacular white sand beaches and aqua blue lagoons which the Maldives are popular for along with a diversified array of holiday vacation rental accommodations to go well with each and every spending budget. With a yearly average temperature of 30 degree Celsius the weather conditions in Lhaviyani Atoll has never been less than hot that may be ideal for beach and aquatic adventures enthusiasts.

Best Time to Dive in Shipyard

The Shipyard that can be found at Lhaviyani Atoll of the Maldives could very well be dived throughout the year, with these highly recommended periods of time essentially in November through May for the majority of all scuba divers. Should you have some sort of hope to look at stunning mantas and whale sharks, in that case April through June may just be the perfect time suitably for you. Beyond these periods, it may possibly be rare to find a verified travel.

Water temperatures range between their minimum level of 24 degree Celsius throughout February also July, to their hottest about 27 degree Celsius around April, May and then September; other period of times of the year to be somewhere between these two climates.

In the event you make the decision to get here, please be aware that liveaboard tours within the Maldives and all over the Lhaviyani Atolls and the rest of diving sites are incredibly famous, therefore you really should prepare yourself to ensure you get the get-away that you are looking for.

Getting There and Around

Lhaviyani Atoll is situated in Maldives, at a distance of approximately 140 kilometers Male, the main town island of Maldives. From the Male Airport take a sea plane that normally takes forty five minutes.
So start packing up your things now and be ready to uncover the exciting adventures at Shipyard diving destination and feel the breeze of the Maldives!

Diving in Maldives

Famed for its “Underwater Gardens”, the Maldives have such amazing diversity of sea life with its extensive collection of vibrant corals and fishes. It is a geographical marvel which equates to a diver’s paradise and a uniquely indulgent holiday.

One of the nation’s major attractions and largest group of island is the MALDIVES, known as the peaceful heaven, relaxing country and offers good quality services for all the travelers who visits here and around. Maldives started to open its doors to international visitor’s year of 1972, over ten million tourists have visited the country and 20 percent of tourists are repeat visitors.

If you want a great special offer in Dive Travel, scuba diving is the holiday offer for everyone in Maldives. The first thing that comes in your mind when you travel Maldives is the lush tropical islands, heavenly turquoise blue waters and Robinson Crusoe type isolation. More than 1800 “Robinson Cruise” like coral island surrounded by vast shimmering blue lagoons and endless azure sea. Enjoy two or three finest underwater dives and take a break from the icy winter and spend a week cruising around the gorgeous atolls of the Maldives.

Best Diving Season: December to April
Weather: Month of November to April is mostly dry while rainfall increases during the month of May to October.
Water Temperature: 30.4 and 25.4 degrees Celsius
Marine Animal Highlights:
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility:
Transportation: Singapore airlines to Male

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