Ari Atoll

  • Maldives Diving Wonder – Ari Atoll

    Maldives Diving Wonder – Ari Atoll

    The next atoll most open to tourist, Ari; provide the full range of underwater adventure. There are dive sites scattered all around Ari Atoll and many divers consider the sites to be the finest in the Maldives.
    You will encounter manta rays, sharks and other pelagic fish and even mighty whale sharks around Ari Atoll. The most consistent sites for this popular passing trade are located here although there are also spots elsewhere for sharks and mantas. More than 20 islands are designated as tourist resort here in Ari Atoll. Each island is autonomous and fully equipped with accommodation and recreational facilities like tennis courts and pools that you may play or have fun for while getting a good place to stay in and bars for night entertainment.

    Top tourist activity here in Ari Atoll is scuba diving and a best place to visit if you love to scuba dive. Diving in the Maldives means seeing dense populations of fish, caverns festooned with colour, exploring caves, diving over pristine coral landscapes and investigating wrecks teeming with marine life. Maldives is a much admired destination for honeymooners, diving is not ideally suited for a beginner since many of the world class dives tend to drift dives.

    Diving season – Ari Atoll

    Diving in Ari Atoll is better for certain marine encounters. Mantas are common between the month of February and April, but most of it can be seen all through the dry season of December to April as well in the Month of February to April and August to November are the perfect month to see whale sharks and hammerheads. Other sharks are present throughout the year.

    The recommended months for complete liveaboard departures are from the month of November to May, when the seas are at their calmest. If you prefer to come outside of these months, it may be difficult to find a best departure date that suits you.

    How to dive – Ari Atoll

    Ari Atoll is the second largest atoll in Maldives, being more than 40 kilometers long, liveaboard is the only way to see more than just a few superb dive sites. Big marine life are scattered around the atoll with 105 small islands. Many great dive spots and beautiful surroundings that visitors will enjoy.

    Maldives liveaboards becomes well in advance fully booked, so they recommend that you plan to book your trip at least six months previous to your proposed dates of travel.