Embudhoo Express, South Male’ atoll

  • Discover the Stunning Marine Life at Embudhoo Express, South Male’ atoll of Maldives

    Discover the Stunning Marine Life at Embudhoo Express, South Male' atoll of Maldives

    Embudhoo Express is situated about the south part from the Channel, getting into South Male’ Atoll in front of Island of Emboodhoo. It is actually among the most fascinating channel diving spot, while you are traversing the channel that has an ingoing current there may be 100% grantee that you will come across grey reef sharks as well as white tip sharks. Barracuda and big eye travelly are incredibly common along with the hunting tunas.

    The place is suitable for advanced scuba divers that have good drift diving skills; the concept of the dive would be to begin the dive around the offshore near the corner to the Channel. As drifting along with the current to the corner, divers need to keep a way away out of the corner and move off to the side of the drop off; the concept would be to maintain the drop off being a guide and also drift along with the current and also to get across the channel to the Thila. As soon as at the Thila, you could possibly keep your right hand shoulder towards the Thila and drift in. the Thila alone is loaded with lots of marine life in there which includes Giant sea fans underneath the overhangs along with a lot of butterfly fish as well as oriental sweet lips.

    This dive spot can be simply done with a tiny ingoing current however the pelagic after all won’t be as present as even though a good ingoing current. To view the sharks, you should at least require a moderate ingoing current making the spot an adrenaline rush then desire to the come back to dive here all over again.

    Best Time to Dive

    Having a strong ingoing current, Embudhoo Express can be the mother of all drift diving spots. This channel is 2 kilometer long with its best when the stream flows into the atoll wherein the north-eastern monsoon occurs. This brings in crystal clear water towards the atoll and an even big fish which includes white tip sharks, gray reef, jacks, eagle rays and tuna patrol the side with the channel. With most suitable current conditions you must be ready to get across the channel from a single end towards the other before finishing the diving experience.
    The best time to dive here at Embudhoo Express is basically all year round but it is recommended to dive during wet season that falls between June and November.

    Getting There and Around

    Embudhoo Express is reachable by way of traditional dhoni and travel times vary from five through fifty minutes, depending on the coral reef spot as well as departure rental accommodation from the Male Airport of Maldives.