Kuda Kandu, Addu Atoll

  • Encounter the Spectacular Marine Life in Kuda Kandu of Addu Atoll Through Scuba Diving

    Encounter the Spectacular Marine Life in Kuda Kandu of Addu Atoll Through Scuba Diving

    The Addu Atoll

    Kuda Kandu is just one of the most fascinating dive destinations within Addu Atoll. This atoll is somewhere between 478 kilometer south of Male, the capital town of Maldives. Addu atoll is the most southern atoll in the Maldives and it is the second most populous town after Male. The atoll capital of Addu Atoll is Hithadhoo. Having a total count of 23 islets, and Addu has only 6 lived on islets. Addu Atoll has outstanding aqua green lagoons, fantastic coral reefs, bountiful aquatic life as well as palm surrounded sun-kissed beach streets. While pursuing your fantasy to stay in paradise and discovering breathing life under the deep blue sea, check out the Addu Atoll and dive in Kuda Kandu.

    The Kuda Kandu Dive

    Kuda Kandu is a tiny channel that has two tiny thilas stretching within. Having a tiny inward current, the channel is crossable along the edge about meters. Kuda Kandu is a dive site that starts from a reef top that stretches at the depth of approximately 5 meters and is engrossed in a lot of sea fans and a few enormous foliaceous corals sheltering a variety of reel life. The most common offenders are present here just like Napoleon wrasse, grouper, and clown fish, triggerfish, however at this point they are simply in the midst of nudibranches coming from all color, shapes and size! While you move over the perimeter of the plateau as well as on top of the reef edge, you will discover some overhangs and caves at depths of somewhere between 16 meters to 20 meters that happen to be swarming with life. As you explore the edges of the reefs, it should be great if you can be alert within the wide open ocean as the diver will most likely experience a wide variety of whitetip reef sharks or eagle rays that soundlessly passing by, accompanied by the schools of barracuda.

    The Best Time to Dive Kuda Kandu

    Generally, all year long is the best time to dive Kuda Kandu. 29 degree Celsius is the typical water temperature in this area. Each sason has some advantages. As the months of February through April are well known with regards to distinct visibility, other months are preferred simply because of the larg quantities of plankton within the water – which improves the possibility of coming across sea giants such as mantas as well as whale sharks.

    Heavy monsoon rainfalls are relatively seldom; a timely variation of weather conditions on the other hand, is normally Maldivian. A short little shower will surely not restrain you from scuba diving, aside from swimming or snorkeling. Specifically, if this is regarded as accompanied by vivid equatorial sunbeams, which can be typically the scenario

    Getting There and Around

    Kadu Kandu is very accessible. Go by means of an airplane to the Maldives and after that take a boat to the island or take the conventional dhoni rather.