Lions Head

  • Lions Head

    Lions Head

    School of Grey Reef Sharks and one of the oldest shark point in Maldives. Soft coral formations and heap of colourful reef life can be found here, an opportunity to find true beauty of peculiar aquatic species and attractive coral gardens.

    Lion’s Head has strong water current and one of the well known protected marine areas placed to the south end of North Male Atoll in Vadhoo Kandu. The beetle looks as if it is a Lion’s head, facilitated with three meters long reef top, overhangs and caves. Get prepare to see and meet the variety of big and small oceanic species like rainbow fusiliers, sharks, tunas, red tooth triggers, turtles, wrasses and napoleon while diving around the deep blue water at Lion’s Head. It is the best way for the holidaymakers to capture thrilling experience in the deep blue sea photography adventure.

    Dive Sites Info

    Lions Head has a diving depth of 19 m / 62.3 ft; however the average visibility is around 10 to 20 meters. Diving around Lions Head is suitable for all divers. Best time to dive here is when the wind comes from the north preventing a large bloat.

    Getting there

    All visitors arrive at male International Airport, served by a wide array of flights to India, Dubai, Sri Lanka and major airport in South East Asia, with late night timings, Singapore Airline flies daily direst from Singapore to Male.