Rasdhoo Atoll

  • Rasdhoo Atoll

    Rasdhoo Atoll

    Rasdhoo Atoll is a small circular atoll in Maldives where you can find the best and the top dive sites. It is highly rated by professional divers who had experienced diving in most of the dive spots around the island. This coral isle features an overwhelming scuba dive where you can see large groups of hammerheads. The sites are very rich in marine life including sting rays, moral eels and many more.

    During the World War II, there are lots of ships that sunk. There are two of the sunken ships among the dive spots here in Rasdhoo Atoll. These shipwrecks have become popular for wreck divers and underwater photographers as well.

    The weather here is tropical with pleasant temperatures all over the year. The main weather conditions are the dry and the wet seasons. Wet season or the rainy season occurs between the end of April and October. The best time to visit Rasdhoo Atoll is during the dry season (from the months of October to March) when the weather is perfect for diving, swimming and all beach related activities.

    Rasdhoo Atoll is 58 km away from the Maldives. All dive spots here can be reached within more or less one hour by a boat.

    The language here is Dhivehi or the Maldivian language but speaking English is also common especially for travelers and hosts.