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  • Maldives – Handy Cruise

    A beautiful summer destination and a best way to spend your holidays is visiting MALDIVES. A paradise for people who want to relax and escape from stressful world, Maldives is also one of the dream diving destinations with its wonderful beaches, stunning nature and rich in culture. Exploring the attractive world of the ocean and the experience you can get from this breathtaking paradise, Maldives.

    The best liveaboard dive, Handy Cruise, offer the best service and finest facilities that no other yacht have. Handy Cruise will take you to some of the well-known dive sites around while exploring multi colored marine life, snow white sandy beaches, caressing cool breezes of the Indian Ocean, moonlit silvery nights, breath taking sun sets and the peacefulness of its surroundings.

    Accommodation and Facilities – Handy Cruise

    To enjoy your holiday from the beginning until the last day of the trip, Handy Cruise promises you an unforgettable Maldavian Experience on board. All cabins in the cruise are fully carpeted and have a wide area with individual controlled air conditioning, comfortable beds, pleasant interiors, Telephone, en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold water option plus mini bars and plasma TV and DVD player.

    The cruise also offers good quality services and different menus every day. It has the best chefs to cater for your every need. Dining here with you love one comforts while viewing the beauty of the deep is the most wonderful liveaboards adventure experience. The best cruise to choose in spending vacation in Maldives

    Diving in Maldives – Handy Cruise

    Diving in the Maldives is drift dives from liveaboards. You can sight number of fish enjoying the number of feast, expect to see barracudas, parrotfish, Napolian wrasse, jacks, sweetlips and snappers in every spot where the water flows. In the waterway, you can explore the cavern, caves and overhangs where soft corals grow; an invertebrates, colourful sponges and gorgonian fans all proceeding from the nutrient rich water. There are also some cleaning stations where cleaning shrimps and wrasses service the variety of larger marine. Handy Cruise will take you to the perfect site for you diving during your stay.

    Routes for Diving Cruises: – North Male Atoll / Ari Atoll, South Male Atoll / Ari Atoll